Sondra and I met up to chat about the reunion since it’s only 4 months away!!!! We thought we’d mention a few things that might be helpful when you’re planning your time here. Please read and reply to the last bullet point when you have a minute. Thank you!

  • For those with children, Sondra and I are available to do babysitting if there are activities you’d like to participate in without your kiddos.
  • Our main “stay around the house” day will be Friday, July 3rd so please avoid planning activities that day if possible. We hope that day can be chatting, eating, games, singing and just hanging around time.
  • Please post your travel itinerary on the blog once you have it pinned down so the rest of us can see when everyone will be here. Also please mention if you’ll need any transportation to or from the airport. We are happy to oblige!