Hey everyone,

It’s just over 6 weeks until the reunion!!! Can you believe it???

I hope you are all doing well during this strange Covid 19 quarantine period. We’ve all been holding our breath, waiting to see how this will play out. I know it’s different for each state so I thought I’d give a quick update from our end of things.

Here in Idaho the governor has started a re-opening plan that started May 1st. Several non-essential stores have opened up and the next stage will start tomorrow, allowing other businesses to open. It’s a 4 stage plan that requires certain criteria be met before the next stage begins. So far so good. If all continues to go well, by the end of May Idaho will no longer require the 14 day quarantine for those entering the state. Flights in and out of Boise are operational with protocols and social distancing still in place.

We’re praying that things will continue to improve and move forward so that no matter where you’re traveling from, you will be able to make it to the reunion!!

Love you all and stay safe!